Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Semester Plan

My senior thesis will consist of images of graffiti art work, represented through printmaking. That will have geometric along with abstract forms and shapes. To create what i call regenerative Graffiti. My goal with this is to play with the eyes and mind, so that when one looks at my art they can't tell if it is 2D or 3D.
Most of my research will consist of graffiti artist books and online research. Along with finding graffiti to observe in person. With in my art there will be elements of collage, lithograph, silkscreen, etching, pencil, markers, spray paint, and what ever else i find that interest me. i will be producing approximately 9 editions. The size and the shapes will vary from small to very large scale art work.

Sept. 7-23 research- drawings
Sept. 30 individual crit, first edition completed
Oct. 14 group crit, second edition completed
Oct. 21 individual crit,
Nov. 2 group crit, third edition completed
Nov. 18 individual crit
Nov .30 individual crit, fourth edition completed

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