Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Agnes Martin (video interview)

  • So many people don't know what they want
  • you need to know exactly what you want to get it
  • She paints with her back to the world
  • She asks her self what am i going to do next?
  • Agnes Martin talks about how she will not start a painting until the inspiration has come to her
  • people have to many ideas, so their initial inspiration gets contaminated
  • The highest form of art is music, people respond to it emotionally, it is completely abstract
  • You can't think you are going to beat any one else, you must want the painting and want it to appeal to others
  • if you think about yourself, you are going to make mistakes
  • she waits three days to decides if a piece is finished
  • Happiest moment is when her paintings go out into the world her responsibility is done.
  • To be happy you must do what makes you happy in life
  • She stops thinking, just lets everything go. Doesn't believe in intellectuals and facts
  • doesn't believe in evolution or any theory
  • clear minded, so you can see an idea when it comes to you
Q. What happens when we lose are inspiration ?
Q. Isn't it important for an artist to experiment with new ideas ?
Q. what is the difference between an idea and inspiration ?

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