Friday, December 10, 2010


Late September - Had studio visit with Kim Russo
Beginning of october studio visit with Nathan
end of october - individual critique with Patrick Lindhardt
begining of november - individual critique with Mark Anderson talked about using CNC router
middle of November - individual critique Tiffany Gosselin
december - Group critique with class for orals

MICA Printmaking Intership

Dolphin Press & Print is a unique collaborative print studio that is designed to bring visual artists and writers together to work with students, producing limited-edition letterpressed books, broadsides and editioned prints in a variety of print media.

The Dolphin Press Internship Program provides MICA students with curricula-based professional development skills and allows students to interact with one another and with the Visiting Artist Programming connected with the press.

Have not applied yet going to submit in spring semester

artist statement

The technique of my art is to make objects unfamiliar, to make forms difficult to understand and comprehend.

Thesis Hypothesis

how does graffiti art compare to higher forms of art?

Why i do this

i create art because it is what truly makes me happy. Ever since i can remember i have been sketching and creating art. When i was little felt it was the only thing i was good at cause school was so hard for me. i was placed into remedial classes for help and the only thing that made me feel good about myself was creating art. This is why i do this

sound of music antwerp train station

art simply and truly for the sake of art. This is so impressive to see a couple hundred people come together to make something like this happen. It is so amazing and it makes me feel good to see people making other people happy

Zizek on Crossdressing to the Sound of Music

Zizek talks about the sound of music the movie and how it relates the the nazis and how it made them look so refined. Then he goes on to describe how the jewish people are seen as corrupt. this film helped people to feel that the holocaust wasn't entirely the fault of the nazis but the jew brought this on them selves.

Marina Abramovic's Red-Velvet Rope at MoMA

The line to sit opposite Marina Abramovic in the atrium at MoMA has become as much a part of her performance as the artist herself. It seem that celebrities and family have the upper hand in her art. Her art work deals with the relationships between people. People have to wait in line just to get to sit in front of her for a few minutes. She is the art, the interaction of people is how she connects herself to the viewer

Antagonism & Relational Aesthetics- By Claire Bishop

in her essay Bishop analyzes contemporary art as defined by Nicolaus Bourriaud and relational aesthetics. Asking the question is experimental art a marketable venue

Bishop talks about weather or not the aesthetic judgement of a work or art is related historically or conceptually

walter benjamin

the essay work of art in the age of mechanical reproduction, benjamin talks about the industry and how the production of printmaking, photography, and film have diminished the quality and the aura of a work of art.

This is not the worst thing, it makes it so art is more accessible to the masses

Death of the author from image

This essay talks about the interpretation of a text and that no one interpretation is better than the next. in art this is the same case there is not just one interpretation on a work of art, everyone is different, so peoples interpretations will vary

Chaos, territory, art

This writing talks about art as a form of erotic expression, that Art is ment to connect us to the art and inspire. Grosz believes that art is about the animal instinct taking over and experimentation, to bring about change.

Art produces sensations and intensifies of emotion. she states that chaos contributed to organisms evolving into creatures

We as artist only perceive art that truly interest us