Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Agnes Martin (video interview)

  • So many people don't know what they want
  • you need to know exactly what you want to get it
  • She paints with her back to the world
  • She asks her self what am i going to do next?
  • Agnes Martin talks about how she will not start a painting until the inspiration has come to her
  • people have to many ideas, so their initial inspiration gets contaminated
  • The highest form of art is music, people respond to it emotionally, it is completely abstract
  • You can't think you are going to beat any one else, you must want the painting and want it to appeal to others
  • if you think about yourself, you are going to make mistakes
  • she waits three days to decides if a piece is finished
  • Happiest moment is when her paintings go out into the world her responsibility is done.
  • To be happy you must do what makes you happy in life
  • She stops thinking, just lets everything go. Doesn't believe in intellectuals and facts
  • doesn't believe in evolution or any theory
  • clear minded, so you can see an idea when it comes to you
Q. What happens when we lose are inspiration ?
Q. Isn't it important for an artist to experiment with new ideas ?
Q. what is the difference between an idea and inspiration ?

Susan Sontag "Against Interpretation"

  • susan sontag talks about how the interpretation of art is lost.
  • that interpretation will differ with generation and cultural aspects
  • when people over analyze, they loose the meaning or original message that was trying to be portrayed
  • you should focus more on the accusal art and less on content
Q. Why should we focus more on content, or meaning then the art ?

Q. Can't we make art for what it is and not what it is about ?

Q. How does this article relate to me as an artist ?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Semester Plan

My senior thesis will consist of images of graffiti art work, represented through printmaking. That will have geometric along with abstract forms and shapes. To create what i call regenerative Graffiti. My goal with this is to play with the eyes and mind, so that when one looks at my art they can't tell if it is 2D or 3D.
Most of my research will consist of graffiti artist books and online research. Along with finding graffiti to observe in person. With in my art there will be elements of collage, lithograph, silkscreen, etching, pencil, markers, spray paint, and what ever else i find that interest me. i will be producing approximately 9 editions. The size and the shapes will vary from small to very large scale art work.

Sept. 7-23 research- drawings
Sept. 30 individual crit, first edition completed
Oct. 14 group crit, second edition completed
Oct. 21 individual crit,
Nov. 2 group crit, third edition completed
Nov. 18 individual crit
Nov .30 individual crit, fourth edition completed

Monday, September 6, 2010

challenging the literal

This article was difficult to understand in some parts. But i think it was talking about how people perceive everyday life. It talked about different cultural perspectives, age groups, and social backgrounds, how they perceive metaphors differently. This applies to art because the artist should consider the cultural references of the subject matter.

Takes thoughts of others and why doesn't he express his own thoughts?
Should we as artist worry about are art and what we are trying to say?
Was this reading really necessary for us to understand what are art is about?